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“We’re Not Gonna Take It” – Hornitos Tequila Mariachi Mashup Featuring Twisted Sister

Steve Sage Productions One of the most unique and fun shoots ever!

“Set to Fail” by Vision of Disorder

Director: Kirk Farrington

“Cherries n Cream” by Thunderbox

Some of my favorite women on the planet! Amazingly talented, fun, beautiful and brilliant. Check them out if you ever get the chance! (another Steve Sage Productions vid)

Cablevision’s Neighborhood Journal covers “Send No Flowers”

“Down There” by Bronze Radio Return

Another project where I was fortunate enough to work with Cody, Suzette, and the Snider family. Such a pleasure.

“Rock n Roll Hammer” by Panzie*

Had such a blast working with these guys (and ladies). Director: Kirk Farrington

“Damned” by Grimm Jack

Steve Sage Productions

“I Am” by Toxin

So proud to have worked on this video. Steve Sage Productions

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